Inspection IDReason for InspectionInspection DateInspection Status 
SIN-00239399 Renewal 02/27/2024 Compliant - Finalized
RegulationLIS Non-Compliance AreaCorrection RequiredPlans of CorrectionCorrection DatePOC Status
6400.67(b)The lower interior surface of the home's oven had several deposits of a black, charred substance. Upon closer examination, one of these deposits was positively identified as a burnt french-fry. It can be inferred that the other black, charred deposits were the leavings of food items cooked in the oven. These deposits increase the chance of a fire occurring in the oven and, thus, constituted a fire hazard in the home. Floors, walls, ceilings and other surfaces shall be free of hazards.Oven cleaned thoroughly. 02/28/2024 Implemented
6400.72(a)Two windows in the home lacked window screens at the time of inspection: one window located in Individual #1's and Individual #2's shared bedroom, and one window located in the lower-level family room. There were no screens within the home that could be fit into these windows should they be opened; therefore, these two windows were incapable of being securely screened.Windows, including windows in doors, shall be securely screened when windows or doors are open. Window screens installed in windows. 03/04/2024 Implemented
6400.82(f)The home's basement bathroom lacked a wall mirror and trash receptacle at the time of inspection.Each bathroom and toilet area that is used shall have a sink, wall mirror, soap, toilet paper, individual clean paper or cloth towels and trash receptacle. Mirror installed and trash receptacle in place. 02/29/2024 Implemented
SIN-00184406 Renewal 03/16/2021 Compliant - Finalized
RegulationLIS Non-Compliance AreaCorrection RequiredPlans of CorrectionCorrection DatePOC Status
6400.112(c)The fire drill conducted on 6/10/2020 did not have the time the drill was conducted recorded on the fire drill form. The fire drill conducted on 2/15/2021 did not have a recorded evacuation time.A written fire drill record shall be kept of the date, time, the amount of time it took for evacuation, the exit route used, problems encountered and whether the fire alarm or smoke detector was operative. in accordance with regulation 6400.112c, fire drills will contain all required information. 03/30/2021 Implemented
SIN-00108232 Renewal 03/21/2017 Compliant - Finalized
RegulationLIS Non-Compliance AreaCorrection RequiredPlans of CorrectionCorrection DatePOC Status
6400.62(a)The individuals in the home are not poison safe. The soap in the bathrooms of the home stated that a physician or poison control should be called if the soap is ingested.Poisonous materials shall be kept locked or made inaccessible to individuals.Toxic soaps were removed and replaced with Symmetry Green Certified Foaming Hand Wash, non- toxic. Poisonous materials will be kept locked and made inaccessible to individuals. 03/22/2017 Implemented
6400.141(c)(15)The section pertaining to diet instructions on Individual #1's physical was left blank.The physical examination shall include:Special instructions for the individual's diet. Individuals Number 1's physical was updated to include diet instructions. All physicals will be reviewed by Program Specialist upon completion and revised as necessary. 04/03/2017 Implemented
6400.164(b)Individual #1 was given an 8am dose of 10mg of Olanzapine according to the blister pack being empty, but it was not logged on the Medication Administration Record by the afternoon of the inspection. The information specified in subsection (a) shall be logged immediately after each individual's dose of medication. Direct service staff person was retrained on the administration of medications. Information will be logged after each dose of medication. 03/22/2017 Implemented
6400.213(1)(i)Individual #1's record did not conatin information about his height or have a current dated photo.Each individual's record must include the following information: Personal information including: (i) The name, sex, admission date, birthdate and social security number. (iii) The language or means of communication spoken or understood by the individual and the primary language used in the individual's natural home, if other than English. (ii) The race, height, weight, color of hair, color of eyes and identifying marks.(iv) The religious affiliation. (v) The next of kin. (vi) A current, dated photograph.Personal information , including height, sheet has been updated and will be regularly reviewed by Program Specialist. Photos will be updated annually. 03/22/2017 Implemented
SIN-00063096 Unannounced Monitoring 04/25/2014 Compliant - Finalized
RegulationLIS Non-Compliance AreaCorrection RequiredPlans of CorrectionCorrection DatePOC Status
6400.33(a)On 2/23/14, staff #1 witnessed Individual #2 exiting the bedroom of Individual #1. Individual #2 was not wearing pants. When Individual #2 was questioned regarding what he was doing in Individual #1's bedroom, Individual #2 stated that he rubbed Individual #2's back and genital area. Individual #1 is unable to give consent due to his disability.An individual may not be neglected, abused, mistreated or subjected to corporal punishment. Individuals #1 and #2 were seperated upon notifcation of the incident. On 2/23/14 target was moved to a hotel with an assigned staff member until respite services were arranged on 2/28/14. Target was transferred to an alternative community residential home on 3/7/2014. Individual #2 was evaluated at Geisinger Community Medical Center on 2/23/14. No signs of anal penetration, trama or injuries were seen. Individual #2 was provided victim services through a personal therapist. Therapist indicates that individual #2 does not demonstrate any signs of emotional trauma and is doing well. Staff werere- trained on the investigative process, securing evidence and notification immediately after reportable incidents occur. Individual #1 has received assistance necessary to improve understanding of respecting the rights of others. 02/23/2014 Implemented
SIN-00055915 Renewal 11/20/2013 Compliant - Finalized
RegulationLIS Non-Compliance AreaCorrection RequiredPlans of CorrectionCorrection DatePOC Status
6400.101The door leading to the garage exit door has a keyed lock.Stairways, halls, doorways, passageways and exits from rooms and from the building shall be unobstructed. Keyed lock was removed. 11/22/2013 Implemented
6400.104Individual #1 needs verbal prompts to evacuate the home and that was not specified on the notification letter to the local fire department.The home shall notify the local fire department in writing of the address of the home and the exact location of the bedrooms of individuals who need assistance evacuating in the event of an actual fire. The notification shall be kept current. Notification was sent to Scranton Fire Department communicating #1's evacuation status. 11/21/2013 Implemented
SIN-00147560 Renewal 01/23/2019 Compliant - Finalized
SIN-00089413 Renewal 02/02/2016 Compliant - Finalized
SIN-00085855 Renewal 11/03/2015 Compliant - Finalized