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ODP: Field Support Update - 7/26/2007

All Wave 2 counties and joinders should have fully implemented HCSIS Financial Management functionality at this time. This means all providers should be registered in HCSIS and their sites enrolled in PROMISe™, all FY 07-08 contracts and rates should be in HCSIS, all ISPs should be payment ready, and all waiver and base services should be billed through PROMISe™. The only exceptions to this are Vendor Fiscal ISO services and Vendor services.

As a reminder! The ODP HCSIS/PROMISeTM Error Resolution Tip Sheet is available for guidance if you are having difficulties understanding billing errors. This tip sheet contains further information about the possible system errors that can occur when PROMISeTM claims are verified against plan information in HCSIS.

This document is available for download under the HCSIS Information link, and the FM100I_ODP County Financial Management course on the Learning Management System (LMS).

Reminder for Providers to Enroll in PROMISeTM

All providers preparing to file claims through PROMISeTM for services rendered must submit a PROMISeTM Provider Enrollment Base Application. This application can be downloaded from the Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) Website (http://www.dpw.state.pa.us/omap), following the hyperlinks Provider Information > Provider Enrollment Information. Also, specific instructions for MR providers are available under the Provider Instructions for PROMISeTM Enrollment hyperlink found on the HCSIS Homepage (http://www.hcsis.state.pa.us).

NOTE: All providers serving Wave 1 and Wave 2 counties should have enrolled all of their service locations in PROMISeTM by July 1, 2007!

Please contact the HCSIS Help Desk at 1-866-444-1264 for help with enrollment questions.

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