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Redesigned IM Available - 1/5/2004

The Redesigned Incident Management (IM) module of HCSIS is currently available!

*Remember to review the three quick reference guides, the Detailed Conversion Document, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document located on the Learning Management System (LMS) under the “HCSIS Information” Link (www.humanservices-r.state.pa.us/HCSISLMS) and the Provider Access website (www.humanservices.state.pa.us/hcsis-ssd/pgm/asp/oohom.asp).*

The following three quick reference guides explain the new functionality and system changes:
- Basics of Incident Management
- IM Management Review
- IM Certified Investigator
- A Detailed Conversion Document and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Document are also available to assist in using the new IM subsystem.

Some highlights of the redesigned IM Subsystem include:
- There are fewer screens and 50% fewer data elements to be completed!
- The 24 hour, 5 day, and 30 day reports have been combined into one report.
- All the incidents that have been entered in the current system have been converted so they can be accessed in the redesigned IM subsystem.

Tips for using the redesigned IM subsystem:
- Before you begin to enter any incident information into HCSIS, determine if the incident is an Individual Incident or a Site Level Incident. In the redesigned IM subsystem, Site Level Incidents are limited to specific categories.

- The [Site Level Incident] button no longer appears on the Search screen. To create a new Site Level Incident, search using the From and To Dates to display a list of all the Individual and Site Level Incidents that occurred during that timeframe. (The date range has a maximum three month window.) If Site Level Incidents have occurred within the date range, your provider/agency name will appear as a link in the bottom table. Click on your provider/agency name to display the list of Site Level Incidents. The [New Site Level Incident] button appears here; click this button to begin creating a new Site Level Incident.
- Individual Incidents, Medication Errors, Restraints, and Optionally Reportable Events each have their own data entry form.

- Medication Errors have a simplified format. All Medication Errors have been converted to the new format.

- Restraints also have a simplified format, and each restraint will have a unique incident number. All restraints were assigned a new incident number when they were converted from the current format to the new format (the old number is within the report but not used as the incident number). Search by consumer name when searching for a restraint that has been converted to the new format.

- In the redesigned IM subsystem, the Date and Primary / Secondary Category will be entered in the First Section. The last screen of the Incident Report (not due until 30 days after the incident) will also accept the Date and Primary / Secondary Category. This screen is pre-populated with what was entered in the First Section. If there has been an error in the Date, or the Category of the incident has changed, this can be corrected on the last screen.

- Management Review is no longer an option on the menu path. To access the management review screens, go to the IM Data Entry screen and click on the appropriate link.

- When an incident is not approved in the management review, the status of the incident becomes "First Section Submitted." The "First Section Submitted" link will appear under the Incident Report on the IM Data Entry screen.

- Error messages will look different in HCSIS. The message will display as "HCSIS has experienced an error processing your request. Please call the Help Desk with the following reference number if you would like to follow up on the error." with the error reference number listed. This reference number will assist the Help Desk in resolving your issue. Be prepared to tell the Help Desk the unique error reference number when you call.

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